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The Net-SNMP logo

The above logo was created with the gracious help of UCD-SNMP and Net-SNMP users who sent in images to help create this logo. This is a true demonstration of the internet oriented aspect of this project.

How was it created?

  1. A single image was repeatedly used to lay out the diagram using xfig.
  2. The xfig save file (which is ascii) was converted to reference all the images rather than just the single repeated one, and then used to turn the layout into a jpeg.
  3. The drop shadow was added using gimp.

A side affect to this process is that xfig outputs its save file in fairly random order, so everytime I create a new logo the images are randomly placed. The only ones that are consistent are the 2 composing the dash in the center, which are a image from UCDavis and a picture of the first ucd-snmp roundtable.

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