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At the IETF in London, UK the largest collection of net-snmp developers ever assembled went to a pub to sit, relax, drink a beer and get to know one another. We met at the IETF hotel and walked to a pub called the "Monkey Puzzle". The pub was chosen solely based on it's name, as it described the SNMP protocol perfectly.

Wes and Dave, the two people involved in the project for the longest period of time, met for the first time face to face after they had been communicating over email for some 5 years (Dave is still fixing Wes' bugs to date). Not only did they get to meet each other, but they got to meet the two newest core developers as well: John and Bert.

The discussions revolved around many topics. Some discussions even involved net-snmp. A general meeting was held after everyone had finished a beer where it was decided we should go attack other packages, and start submitting patches to other projects that instrumented their code with net-snmp mib modules.

Pictures from around the room (names go from left to right in all the pictures):

John Naylon
Bert Dreihuis
Ken Hornstein
Harrie Hazewinkel
Bryan Levin
Harrie Hazewinkel
Bryan Levin
Matt White
David Battle
Dave Shield
Mike Baer
Dawn Hardaker (Wes' wife)

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