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The First UCD-SNMP Roundtable

(click on the pictures for a larger version)

We started the gathering by trying to find everyone at the conference. Even with a meeting place picked beforehand, it still wasn't easy.

We went to a restaurant that served, well, a lot of beer. Their menu was in a very small print and still took about 3 pages to list all the beers they had in stock. Or in Mike Baer's case, not in stock.

The entire group got together for a group photo (even with the waitress):

                      10  13
           1   4   8     12    15
            2   5   9  11    14
             3   6
  1. Sean Goller
  2. Leonard Gomelsky
  3. Ron Sprenkels
  4. ?
  5. Michael Slifcak
  6. Wes Hardaker
  7. Marcus Alzona
  8. Patrick Lawrence
  9. (The) David Perkins
  10. Harrie Hazewinkel
  11. Our Waitress
  12. Joe Marzot
  13. ?
  14. Matt White
  15. Michael Baer
  16. Ken Hornstein (left early, not in the picture)

Wes Hardaker, Michael Slifcak, and David Perkins:

Leonard Gomelsky:

Shots of the table (which, um, was actually square, I admit):

Following dinner, we went to play pool at a local pool hall. There we learned that Michael Slifcak was the better of us.

A good time was had by all, although very little formal discussions of coding happened, which was a good thing!

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