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This section of the Net-SNMP Wiki is designed to support the project FAQ, as distributed with source (?and binary) releases, and displayed on the main project web site. Previously, the FAQ has been maintained by examining traffic on the support mailing lists, and adding/updating entries based on the questions being asked there.

However these FAQ answers (like most documentation) are typically written by people with many years experience of the Net-SNMP software, and it is not always straightforward to provide clear explanations, without assuming a significant amount of background knowledge.

The aim of this section of the Wiki is to allow the wider Net-SNMP community the opportunity to improve this documentation directly - commenting on individual entries, identifying areas in need of clarification and suggesting improvements. These changes can then be incorporated into the 'static' FAQ files on the project web site, and in future releases.

Although it is perfectly in order to suggest new FAQ entries, this Wiki should not be regarded as a mechanism for front-line support of the project. Specific problems with the software should continue to be sent to one of the support mailing lists, or raised on the #net-snmp IRC channel. This documentation is concerned with issues that crop up again and again. One question doth not "frequent" make.

For convenience, the list of FAQ entries are grouped by category, and the text (plus any comments) for each individual entry is on a separate Wiki page. The FAQ categories are: