Conversion to SVN

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Date and Time

  • Planned date: Mar 2
    • (was earlier, but the shell server being down forced a delay)
  • Planned cutoff of CVS: Feb 28, midnight pacific time (-8)
    • No commits to CVS must happen after that time.

Things affected by CVS/SVN conversion (a todo list)

Done things

  • Convert CVS to svn using dump/etc
    • Things removed before conversion: CVSROOT, snmplib, ucd-snmp-patches, tcpListenerTable.h (top level???)
    • SVN Conversion Issues
    • SVN plugins added:
      • mail to -cvs
      • case insensitivy check
    • Other interesting stats:
      • Time to convert the CVS repository to the dump file: ~20 minutes
        • (needed multiple runs)
      • Dump file size: 1.97Gb
      • Time to compress bz2: ~ 20 min
      • Compressed dump file: 200Mb
  • mailing lists
    • sending commit messages to cvs list
  • backups
    • Wes'
    • Robert's
  • Web pages
  • Release System Components
    • dist/extractnews
    • dist/makerelease
    • agent/mibgroup/versiontag (obsolete)
    • ChangeLog
  • announce
    • -announce
  • Nightly tar-balls coming from SVN now

Not Done

  • Release System Components
    • dist/Makefile
    • dist/cvsup, dist/cvsshow, dist/patme (all non-critical?)
  • documentation
    • list...
  • announce to various places
    • coverity
  • svn properties needed
    • .cvsignore -> directory property
    • tanders believes there may be a number of properties (mime-type, eol-style) issues
      • binary files should have been marked as such ("cvs admin -kb") before the conversion
      • some of them (images etc.) now fixed in SVN (copy from CVS, remove svn:eol-style, add mime-type, commit)
      • TODO: images in htdocs/tutorial; *.dsp/*.dsw/*.bat files in dist/win32
      • Remaining Corrupt images:
        • tutorial/tutorial-{4,5}/demon/vacm/{snmpSec4.gif,vacm.jpg}
        • tutorial/tutorial-4/toolkit/mib_module/set_actions.jpg
          [tutorial-5 version OK]
        • tutorial/tutorial-{4,5}/mrtg/*.png
        • dev/agent/doxygen.gif
          [doxygen.png OK]
  • fixing conversion issues
    • Various log entries have non-ascii characters that is causing the SF SVN server to fail.
      • will require a support request to SF