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The following is a list of the projects that are being worked on, or need to be worked on, or that it might be nice if someone had a chance to work on at some time. If you are interested in working on any of these, please update the list to indicate this. You never know, you might even get some offers of assistance, mixed in among the questions as to when it will be ready and/or deafening expressions of apathy :-)

Similarly, if you're working on something else that you hope to submit back to the Net-SNMP project for inclusion in a future release, please add it to the list. Or even if you simply spot a glaring omission! (Though a particular feature is more likely to be added if there's someone actually interested in working on it).

All questions relating to any of these projects (present or omitted) should be sent to the net-snmp-coders mailing list.

Coding APIs

  • Perl
    (basically OK - may need a review/update)
  • PHP
    (New version with PHP 5.2.4 more complete)
  • Tk/Tcl
  • WinSNMP
  • Python
    • We ship a python plugin in python/
    • Feedback on functionality would be helpful.
      • One commercial company found it to be 10x faster than anything else.
  • .Net/C#

Agent MIBs

  • Notification Filtering
    • MIB and functionality available in 5.4
    • need snmpd.conf easy-to-use tokens
  • Community MIB
  • Proxy MIB
    (extended to support proxying of subtrees)
  • MIB-2 updates
    (in hand)
  • EtherLike-MIB
  • IPv6
    • ipv6 has worked for a long time
    • some mib support may still be needed for newer IETF MIB refs
  • Firewall
    (inc. connection tracking)
  • DisMan:
    • Event MIB/monitor
      (preliminary implementations that are mostly broken)
  • Tunnel
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer:
    • HostRes
      (convert to use HAL and clean up)
      (convert to use HAL and update structures)


  • AgentX
    (reasonably stable now)
  • SMUX
    • SMUX-MIB
  • embedded Perl
    (done? in hand?)
  • embedded Python
  • DisMan Script MIB
  • Extend scripts
    (new, so will need to bed down)
  • Pass scripts
    (support SNMPv2 exceptions/errors)
  • DLMod
    (OK, but MIB i/f not robust)


  • Threading
  • Debugging
  • Config
    (split syntax & processing, persist/read-only/etc)
  • SecModels:
    • Kerberos
      (?in hand)
    • ISMS: (need a decent libssh; there is one but most distributions don't distribute it)
  • Pre-compiled MIBs


  • Separate thread in agent
  • Pluggable modules
  • Dynamic loading
  • Persistent connection
  • Threaded handler


  • Tutorials
  • Extending the agent
  • Agent internals